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I love how the egg enemies look and fly around to the guillotine!

I got 18880 points, and i felt very royal about it.

That's a great score! Thanks for giving it a go!

I really like the game and the connection to the episode title. I only wish my peasants would go more slowly after me.

Balancing didn't get nearly as much attention as it needed within the jam. Several factors could be tweaked/overhauled to make it better. I'm debating if I should do much work on the game after the jam deadline outside of bug fixes.

I really appreciate you playing and leaving feedback!

Goddamn these  egg revolutionaries. I was doing well until the Kinged eggs stopped disappearing, I think its  a bug. Also personally id like it if the cannon fired faster. 
Anyway, sweet unique idea and i dig the little details :)

Hopefully the bug you ran into has been fixed in a patch I uploaded after I read your comment. As far as the cannon firing faster, that is a definite option in the balancing puzzle, but many things could/should be tweaked to make the game more fun and fair.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug report!